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How to Enjoy the Broadway Shows New York City Makes Possible

Although there are many different things that you might consider doing in NYC, attending a Broadway show should certainly be near the top of your list. More than likely, you already have a particular Broadway in mind and you have tickets available but as the day approaches, you may wonder if you are able to get the most out of what the Broadway shows New York City makes available has to offer. The following tips can help you to enjoy the show to the greatest extent possible.

Perhaps the most important tip is to arrive on time. You would probably be surprised with how many people show up late for a Broadway show and end up missing the opening act. Not only is it going to affect your enjoyment of the show, it is also going to impact other people as you try to get your seat. Check your ticket for the time and try to get there at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the show. If you are picking up tickets at will call, give yourself an extra 15 minutes.

Secondly, understand how to get there and the different options that you have available. The quickest way to get around in Manhattan is to take the subway and this can either be done conveniently from the west side or the east side. If you are driving into the city, be aware that you’re going to pay a premium for parking. Parking away from Time Square can save you money but there is going to be a walk involved.

When you arrive for the show, you will be directed by the ticket taker to your seat. Don’t try to seat yourself or you will not be presented with a playbill from the usher. You can wait near the entryway and the usher will eventually come to take you to your seat. At that point, prepare for the show by turning your cell phone off and settling in.

Now that you are in your seat, you would think that you were all prepared for getting the most out of what the best Broadway shows New York City has to offer. In reality, it is important for you to consider what takes place during the show as well. Everything takes place live in front of you and it is not only an individual experience but it is the group experience from the entire audience that really makes it unique. Just make sure that you eliminate the possibility for any distractions from electronic devices.

All good things must come to an end and this is also true of a New York City Broadway show. Although you may be in a hurry to get out to your vehicle or to grab the subway home, it is rude if you leave during the curtain call. It may be stressful to watch the lines moving slowly but you would be surprised with how quickly you will be on the outside. Just take the time to enjoy it for all it is worth and you might even get an autograph or two if you hang around.